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Dr Emma Fieldhouse - Director of Future We Want and Sustainable Change Engineer!
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Emma is committed to a sustainable future and shares her vision through Future We Want. She has taken transformational change to a number of organisations and believes that empowering people through learning is the greatest driver for change.

At the University of Leicester she kick-started a culture change process that led to many improvements to the university’s environmental and social footprint.

Emma has worked across many sectors over 20 years in sustainability - private, public, voluntary, education - and has observed and learnt from varied practice along the way. She is an Associate Member of IEMA.

Her experience ranges from biodiversity and food-growing projects to active travel and writing and implementing effective carbon management plans. She provided an interim solution for London South Bank University, propelling it to 17th in the University [Green] League Table and supporting the development of the award-winning student project ‘The Great Carbon Footprint Game’. She has worked closely with senior executives there - the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer - to produce policies, plans and proposals to support the development of sustainability at LSBU in the future.

Emma is passionate about helping others to learn about sustainability and enjoys the challenge of creating new learning opportunities to suit varied audiences. She is a trained teacher and has many years of experience in developing, delivering and evaluating new learning opportunities.

Emma embodies sustainability values – not to the point of sandal-wearing, although she is partial to the odd tree hug (they hug back!). She grows her own food, chooses not to fly, cycles to work, buys local and has PV solar at home allowing her to bake solar cake - yum. She supports local community energy initiatives and banks ethically. It sounds highly tiresome (worthy?!) really but she does all of this with a lot of enthusiasm, energy and a smile! Delivering our shared sustainable future in an ethical package.
I’ve really enjoyed working with Emma on a range of projects. She has boundless energy, commitment and enthusiasm, whilst also demonstrating a strategic approach to embedding sustainability into organisations.
Professor Patrick Bailey - Deputy Vice-Chancellor, London South Bank University